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Leslie Hyll

Hi, my name is Leslie and welcome to my page!

So just what is Dance to the Music of the World?

Well, it's about the dance of the people of the world, the common folk.

Every day people who are not professional dancers have dances that are their own, that are a part of their own culture. These are "folk dances." They are done when we are happy, sad, as ritual, and as socialization. We do them at weddings or on Saturday night. Every culture has them. In the USA those dances may be squares or contras, in England they may be country dances, in Bulgaria they may be kolos, in Africa they may be ritual dances. But they are all done by the common people.

This is why I have chosen Geocities Heartland to set up my pages. Dancing is an activity of celebration for families young and old in which to participate. This is not about stage shows by state run companies of professional dancers. My goal is to provide information and links about international folk dance (when people get together to explore the folk dance of many countries) and ethnic dance (specific to a given ethnic group). I hope you enjoy your visit and are encouraged to get involved in the dances of your folk! 

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