Folk Dances of France
Sponsored by Le Club Français, Dayton, Ohio, USA
Director: Leslie Hyll
4811 Arcadia Blvd.
Dayton, Ohio 45432
bag-a-telle : noun [ F, fr. It bagatella ] (1633) :
- a trifle - something of little value, substance, or importance.
Bag-a-telle : noun [ F ] (1990) :
- a small dance group whose purpose is to promote folk dances of France and French-speaking peoples.
1998 Festival Photo Album!
1997 Festival Photo Album!

Welcome to our page. As you might infer from our name we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Bagatelle is located in Dayton, Ohio and is sponsored by Le Club Français. Primarily Bagatelle exists to perform at the Dayton International Festival also known as A World A'Fair (usually the weekend after Memorial Day). If time permits, we also go out into the community to do dance demonstrations or teach French dance.

Le Club Français is a group of people (from France and other cultures) interested in French culture or language. The club promotes these through French language socials, the World A'Fair, and Bagatelle. At the World A'Fair, Le Club Français presents well-researched information of French culture, historic events, progress, and development in many areas. Many requests for presentations for schools, universities, retirement homes, etc. are honored. Le Club Français also sponsors the folk dance group, Bagatelle, which performs at the World A'Fair and other events. Le Club Français ia a non-profit organization.

Content of Past Bagatelle Dance Suites

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